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2019 Rocket Video

When I was 12, I luanched muy first mid-power rocket, what we now sell. It didin't go so well as the video can attest to! More Fails Coming Soon!



I'd like to keep you all up to date on my projects. Me and Keevan were working on en encryptor and mining site for sha256 hashes called Blokstore. I created a sha256 library in c++ as a backend for that but it evolved into a seperate project. Here is the repl join link for that: Join the library

I also made a rightshift encryptor, it is not a hashing algorithm though: Join the rightshift encryptor


Website renovations

Our website is undergoing major renovations that are almoast done, email us about anything that does not conform to the new look at:
The economic simulator game is no longer supported or displayed, but diehard fans can still acess it here: Economic simulator game
Any sugesstions or help will be widely appreciated; if you are interested, email us at the adress above!


New buisness model and great progress

We are now selling mostly buisness to buisness, so you will be able to buy our rockets from a local hobby shop in the northeast. On our services page, we will list the hobby shops we sell to so that there is no confusion on which stores sell our rockets!

We also luanched our first sucessfull prtotype, ordered the paper tubes and packaging and are currently in the process of printing parts. Heres the video of the rocket luanch.(Ps. The video works better the second time you play it!)

Preorder has sadly been cancelled, buy our rockets for real soon at local northeastern hobby shops!



Kickstarter didint work out, but we found a better way, We are using PayPal to pre order Jupiter rockets, This will fund the final stage of development and pay for the final startup costs. Orders will arive from August to October 2021 We only Service: NY, CT, MASS, RI, NH, VMT, MAINE,and New Jersey, but we can service pensylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Washington DC if asked.


Mars 2020

Do you remember the mars 2020 luanches in July 2020? remember how the arrival date seemed so far away? well take another look! The mars 2020 Missions were schedueled to land in mid febuary 2021 LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY!!! Mark your clalendars people! we have a mars rover landing and multiple other probes reaching mars soon!!!!!!!!

January 24, 2021


Here at delta model rockets, we need a little help clearing the tower and we need to safely reach max q, to help us do this, we will soon be on kickstarter where you can pre-order our rockets. This will cover the launch costs for our business so we can deliver great model rockets to you. Kickstarter uses a cool pre-order technique where you buy a rocket from us, and the proceeds go to the business to cover costs so in a few months we can get the rocket to you! The first 25 people get a special Delta Model Rockets drawstring bag and a special place in our hearts. So don't miss out! We will update you when kickstarter is ready.


January 12, 2021

SpaceX Starship SN9 Update

It Is extremely hard to determine when starship development milestones are coming, but here's our best try

some info gained from

Here's the overview of the launch profile

Soon starship sn9 will launch under the power of three raptor engines to an apogee of 12.5 km. then it will flip and fre fall horizontally until it goes vertical again and then it lands propulsively. and hopefully this time it wont smack into the ground and explode!!!!

Its most recent milestone was a static fire on January 8th and its NET launch date is January 12th(NET means: No Earlier Than:)

I know I will be watching and you can too on an everyday astronaut youtube livestream.

January 9, 2021

NEW Game!

There is a new surprise on the Delta Model Rockets Website. A fun economics rocket game made by: Shaikh Shamaeel on solo learn. Thanks to Shaikh for letting us use it. The game can be found under the "Community & Forum" Page on the Website. The gameplay is fun and you try to make enough money to luanch a rocket by hiring workers and buying factories. These ake money for you so you can buy the parts, cover the luanch costs and then; Blastoff!!! This game is sure to have you playing again and again, so dont miss out on the fun!

January 8, 2021


Our website is constantly improving. Keep in mind, some information may be incomplete, incorrect or non-existant. Our developers are working hard to create a pleasant website experiance for you. If you have any feedback, please use This Link to contact one of our web developers. We appreciate your feedback!

January 7, 2021

Brand New Community Page!

We just added a brand new Community page where you can share ideas, questions comments and more! All you have to do is: Click here to sign up!

January 7, 2021


Welcome to the Delta Model Rockets Blog page. Here you can find important announcements, launch dates, new features/updates and more!

January 6, 2021